No More Pain Testimonial

I woke up this morning at 6:00 am.  I went to get a Coke out of the fridge as usual and reached into my purse for a Loritab 7.5.  You see this has been my routine for the last six years.  I take a Loritab at 6  or 7 when I wake up and then another at around noon and then one more at about 4 or 5 pm to make sure I can still make dinner and do laundry and all.

Well this morning was different than the last six years because when I went to my purse I thought to myself (I don’t hurt).  Not just my neck and shoulders but my hips also did not hurt.  It has been almost six years since I can remember not taking a pill in the morning to make the pain subside.  It is now 9 am and I still don’t hurt.  Here I am crying because I never ever thought this was really possible, I just always tried to convince myself that this day would eventually happen.  Six years later after going to all the wrong doctors and thru numerous tests, physical therapy, homeopathic after homeopathic remedies tried and failed and massages and workouts, orthopedics, neurological exams etc… etc…. and this will be only my 3rd visit to your office today.  Why did I not get your phone number a long time ago is beyond me.  You truly hold Gods work in your hands.  I will forever feel indebted to Meagan for her kindness in giving this information to me.

I feel like nothing, absolutely nothing, can hurt me anymore.  You have put a shield of armor around my pain without pills, without goofy remedies, without a ton of tests without time consuming un-necessities and you have worked a miracle.

If word of mouth makes us rich in money and in business you are about to become a very rich man.  I will spread to all those that I know that also suffer from chronic pain and even immediate pain from injuries your name and your number and my experience of your work and your healing abilities from this point forward.  I am truly blessed to have found such a great doctor.  You and your family should be very proud of what you have been able to accomplish and the joy that you bring to numerous people.

Thank you so very much for what you have done for me and what I am sure you will continue to do to help those who desperately need you.


Belinda B.

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